Artist: Bruce B. Jefferson 


His works have been featured in Better Homes and GardensEbony MagazineTime Out Chicago MagazineChicago Collection MagazineAfrican Art: The Diaspora and Beyond - The Daniel Texidor Parker Collection (book) among newsprint and additional publications. His image has been featured in the social columns of Today’s Chicago Woman Magazine and Michigan Avenue Magazine. Mr. Jefferson is affiliated with the Chicago Artists’ Coalition. He has appeared on "Into the Night" with Chris Wakefield on KHND - AM Radio, covering greater North Dakota and parts of Canada, and Podcast (internet) and WBEZ – FM, Chicago Public Radio. Mr. Jefferson and/or his art have been featured on Superstation WGN, in Chicago and cablevision feeds throughout the United States, NBC 5, ABC 7, CBS 2 and WFLD FOX 32, in Chicago. 

Featured Artist: Hebru Brantley


Artist Statement 

I was sent here to tell stories. Traditionally my medium may have been words or incantation. In the now I have my brushes, aerosol cans and whatever else I can use to visually relay the many images and messages that are sent to me. My work is a peak into my mind and I deal in codified synapses and coagulated liquid pigments

I was born with my eyes open so I’ve seen a lot. I have watched the co-modification and debasement of ancient precepts. Magic and incantation have been replaced by the commercialization of the sacred. I am a master visual technician with innumerable stories to tell. Let me know when you’re ready to see one.

[My] paintings depict beings that are triumphantly defiant with raw emotion that at times draw from youthful expression. They capture the universal essence of the human condition through an energetic portrayal of urban characters. The work comes about spontaneously, utilizing a vast aerie of mediums such as woods, found objects, spray paint, coffee and tea. I construct multi-layered, textured environments easily likened to the complexities of contemporary urban life. 


Chicago Art Magazine’s Top Street Art Picks for October by Fruzsina Eordogh

November 30th, 2010


photo courtesy of Nicolette Caldwell


Artist Statement 

Here is 4:01 minutes of footage from Bruce B. Jefferson' s Museum Detours.

This video takes you inside Bruce B. Jefferson journey inside the City of Chicago 22 years as a full-time artist.

I made this footage raw because I wanted it to be as close to real, as possible - with imperfection comes a lot of beauty. My artwork is in the collections of many throughout the World. 

I could provide you with a well polished, 'slicked-over,' bio about me and my career as an artist, but I'm not going to you have seen many times over.

Some things have to build and be real. I have a life and I live life - pushing it to its limits! 

For those of you who wish to see my new creations that I produced, email me I invite you to look at this twenty-six (26) minute video, enjoy all of the art forms and then tell those you know about the video and where you saw it.

This video must be seen globally, encourage your friends to visit the sites where it is shown and share the link - don't stop, until they do see this video titled, Museum Detours!

View my fine art video, produced and shot in Chicago, which took three (3) years to create comprising 160 original fine art paintings, original soundtrack including the Rick James horn section and many interesting surprises.

For further viewing online of my newest works, please contact me at: 

For further inquiries regarding the music or musical needs please contact STARS, Chris Powell and Rodney Hooks at:

Also, all inquiries regarding new creations of jewelry, please contact Konstantia Karas at:

Please, share this video with everyone you know.

Thank you. 



Contact: Hebru Brantley 

Film maker / Photographer and own the Company, Inner Flame Studios. I own a fullStudio Just north of Tampa Florida where I now reside. This studio is on the Property of a Clothing-Optional Live-In Artist Community that My Father and I own. I owned a 10,000sf Art Gallery / Club in Down Town Denver on Art Walk till 2007 called "Gallery XZanthia". I also am an artistactor and Model. I am creating the pilot for  TV show at the moment. "Urban Beatz" on Channel 44. 

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