Coming soon!!! Chicago Intn't Yacht Club Events and Skyline (Penthouse) Events &"Customized 4 U 2" !!!

Booking Pre-sale tickets now!!!

We do everything from customized small boutique yacht event parties to full-scale exclusive major fashion boutique events and Customize your own Rooftop/Highrise/Penthouse events like the video clips below!!!  Surf & Turf Combo events!!!

Choose from many themes.

example: Party on a Rooftop, then finish off your party on a yacht...while viewing a concert from the yacht .

We can advertise Sponsors similiar to this Video Clip as well as customize a commercial-slideshow style promo on our Cable Tv Show and Online Tv Show!!! 

Live Performance Rooftop events just like this one!!! 

We have an upcoming Bella Fashion Show on a Yacht similiar to the event on Fashion TV on this video clip. 

We have fashion events like this one in Italy....can u picture yourself here??? Really party like a Rockstar baby!!! 

I stumbled upon this Victoria's Secret Fashion Show....I thought it was really cool....enjoy!!! 

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